Ben Hogan Five Lessons Sports Illustrated Cover Photos RavielliIn early 1957 golf artist Anthony Ravielli was contacted by Ben Hogan and asked to illustrate a series for Sports Illustrated Magazine. Hogan also recruited noted journalist and author HW Wind to assist him in translating his ideas to paper. Hogan had in mind five core lessons that could be understood by the average golfer and applied to their golf swing. The Modern Fundamentals: The Five Lessons Of Golf, as it was titled, was first released in the March, 1957 issue of Sports Illustrated. Since then it has gone on to become golf’s undisputed instructional best selling book with sales reported to be in excess of 10,000,000.

Ben Hogan, Ravielli, and HW Wind 1957Hogan chose Ravielli, because he had just seen the artists work in 1956 in another Sports Illustrated series entitled Tips From The Top. Ravielli’s crisp clean ’scratchboard’ style drawings caught his eye. Ravielli, Hogan, and Wind spent the day at the closed Colonial CC driving range. Ben Hogan verbally explained his ideas to H.W. Wind, while visually demonstrated them for Ravielli and his camera. Ravielli the images from this photo session as direct reference in creating the famous drawings within The Five Lessons. Ravielli used a high resolution 2 1/4″ box camera to capture every detail of Hogan, right down to the folds in his famous dress white outfit. This group of photos basically allow the viewer a behind the scenes look at the making of an all time classic.

Ben Hogan Five Lessons Cover Sports IllustratedSince publication of the Five Lessons in Sports Illustrated in March 1957, the photos remained in the possession of the artist, unpublished and virtually unknown for over 40 years until their discovery in late 1997. 85 photos from this collection were published in 2001 in the best selling instructional work The Fundamentals of Hogan by David Leadbetter. In it Leadbetter used the images of Hogan shot by Ravielli, in order to revisit The Five lessons, as well as apply the theories to the modern golf swing. A great combination of the classic techniques developed by Hogan combined with the incite of one of today’s top instructors.